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Hilton Hall
Hilton Lane
WV11 2BQ

Company Registration Number:7681486

Tel: +44 (0)1902 202069


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I have a query about my membership. Who should I contact?

Tom Watson, our Member Liaison Officer, is your first point of contact. He can help you with any queries regarding your membership and can be reached on 01902 202069 or

I have forgotten my log-in details. What do I do next?

You can request for your log-in details to be emailed to you from the log-in page on The Cool Card website. If you have forgotten which email address your membership is linked to, please click ‘forgotten email address?’ and follow the instructions. Likewise, if you have forgotten your password please click ‘forgotten password?’ Alternatively, if you would rather speak to someone please contact Tom Watson, our Member Liaison Officer, on 01902 202069 or

I would like to become a Cool Card member. How do I apply?

The Cool Card is invitation-only. If you have received an invitation and wish to apply for your Cool Card membership, please fill out our online application form. If you have not received an invitation to join, unfortunately, you are currently not eligible for a membership with us.

My company is interested in becoming a Cool Card partner. Who do I need to speak to?

We are always interested in speaking to potential new partner companies from within the luxury sector. Please contact Latoya Henry-Dean, General Manager, on 01902 202069 or

Website Terms and conditions
The Cool Card Ltd - Membership Terms & Conditions
  1. Definitions
    1. Agreement - these terms and conditions and the application form.
    2. Associated Member – any 2nd member as named on the application form.
    3. The Cool Card – The Cool Card Limited (company number 07681486) of Hilton Hall, Hilton Lane, Essington WV11 2BQ.
    4. Limited Member – a member opting for such temporary status on the application form or as a result of membership downgrade after the initial paying membership expires and is not renewed.
    5. Membership Fee – the annual membership fee payable under this Agreement, if any.
    6. Promotions – those promotions currently offered by The Cool Card’s suppliers to Cool Card members, as listed on The Cool Card website from time to time.
    7. You - the member named on the application form.

  2. Duration
    1. Membership of The Cool Card starts when Your 12-month Membership Fee has been paid. Once You have logged into the website and activated Your membership, you will receive a membership card that displays Your expiry date. Your membership will renew automatically on each anniversary of your start date, subject to payment of any renewal Membership Fee and unless either party notifies the other of termination in writing in advance of any anniversary. Before that date, The Cool Card will contact you to explain the renewal process. If you have supplied an email address, we will send you an electronic reminder towards the end of your membership term to advise you of the details of the new subscription. We will not be liable for any non-receipt of communication from us, including non-receipt of the renewal reminder. You are required to inform us if you change your correspondence address (both email and postal).
    2. Limited Membership starts when Your application form has been accepted by The Cool Card. It may be upgraded by You at any time to full Membership on The Cool Card website, in which event Your 12-month Membership Fee will become payable and Your full membership will be treated as having started from the date the Membership Fee has been paid. Until Limited Membership is upgraded, it will continue on an indefinite basis until either party notifies the other of termination in writing.

  3. Membership benefits
    1. Membership of The Cool Card entitles You to take advantage of the Promotions which are listed on The Cool Card website from time to time.
    2. Limited Membership gives You access to The Cool Card website and You may receive news of promotions from time to time. However, until You upgrade to full membership, You will not be entitled to take advantage of Promotions nor to receive a membership card, and You will not be required to pay any Membership Fee. These terms and conditions (including without limitation section 9) shall apply to Limited Membership, except to the extent that they regulate payment arrangements and Promotions.

  4. Membership conditions
    1. Your membership is personal to You (and if applicable, to any Associated Member) and You may only use Your membership card in person. It may not be used by any third party.
    2. The Cool Card Promotions are intended for members. You must keep any membership number, code and any other membership information confidential and not disclose these to any third parties.
    3. You are responsible for ensuring that any Associated Member also complies with this Agreement.
    4. In applying for membership, You confirm that You (and if applicable, to any Associated Member) are over 18.
    5. You may not assign Your membership to any third party. The Cool Card may assign this Agreement to a third party and may sub-contract its obligations.
    6. Any variation of these terms and conditions is inapplicable unless agreed in writing by The Cool Card.
    7. You must supply The Cool Card with accurate and up-to-date personal details, (including, if applicable, details of any Associated Member) and You must notify The Cool Card immediately of any changes to Your membership details, including any change of address.
    8. You must notify The Cool Card immediately if Your membership card is lost or stolen.
    9. You must follow any other membership rules which The Cool Card may introduce from time to time, regarding use of Your membership card or taking up Promotions. Any current membership rules will be posted on The Cool Card website.
    10. Promotions are for personal use only and may not be used for commercial purposes, resold or (generally) combined with any other promotion.

  5. Changes to Promotions
    1. Whilst The Cool Card makes every effort to ensure that Promotions are left in place for at least 12 months from their launch, it reserves the right to vary, add to and withdraw Promotions from time to time without notice. You are advised to check the current Promotions immediately before making use of Your membership card.
  6. Payment Provisions
    1. If a Membership Fee is payable, You must pay it in advance with Your membership application and then in advance of the renewal date. If You pay by card, future Membership Fees will be taken from the same card automatically when they fall due. The Cool Card will notify You in advance.
    2. You must pay any Membership Fee by debit/credit card or bank transfer. In any event, The Cool Card reserves the right to change the required payment method to direct debit or any other method, at its discretion. You must assist The Cool Card by completing any documents required to make such changes, such as a direct debit mandate.
    3. The Cool Card reserves the right by giving notice to You at any time before a renewal date, to introduce or increase any Membership Fee for the following membership year. If it does so, You may cancel Your membership with effect from the next renewal date, by giving written notice to The Cool Card in advance of renewal.
    4. The Cool Card may charge a reasonable administrative fee if You notify any change of membership details or request a replacement card.
    5. The Membership Fee is inclusive of any VAT.
    6. If You fail to make any payment on time, The Cool Card may;-
      1. cancel the Agreement; or
      2. suspend Your access to Promotions until payment is made in full.

  7. Complaints and liability
    1. The Promotions are offered to You by our suppliers. Once You take up any Promotion, You will be contracting directly with the relevant supplier and any complaint about the goods or services concerned should be raised immediately with the supplier, and not with The Cool Card.
    2. Likewise, any complaint about a supplier failing to honour the terms of any Promotion should also be raised directly with the supplier. However, The Cool Card would also like to be notified of any such problems straight away, and in any event within 7 days of the problem arising. Provided You do so, The Cool Card will endeavour to assist You in resolving such complaints with the supplier.
    3. The Cool Card will use its best endeavours to ensure that details of Promotions published on its website from time to time are accurate and up-to-date. However, The Cool Card shall not be liable for any goods or services provided to You (or if applicable, to any Associated Member) by any of its suppliers, nor for any failure of its suppliers to honour any Promotions.
    4. The Cool Card shall not be responsible for any complaints or dissatisfaction which are the fault of You (or if applicable, to any Associated Member), or of any third party not being an employee, agent or sub-contractor of The Cool Card acting in the course of his engagement.
    5. The Cool Card does not warrant or represent that any Promotions are wholly exclusive to its members, nor that similar promotions might not be offered to non-members from time to time.
    6. The Cool Card shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss, damage, cost or expense of any kind whatever and however caused.
    7. The terms of this Agreement represent the whole agreement between the parties. This section 7 and the other provisions of this Agreement do not affect Your statutory rights as a consumer.
    8. In any event, save where such liability may not be limited by law, The Cool Card’s total liability to You (or if applicable, to any Associated Member) (whether in contract, tort including negligence or otherwise) under or in connection with this Agreement shall not exceed the then current Membership Fee in aggregate.

  8. Cancellation
    You have a right to cancel this agreement at any time within the period of 14 days from the date of application for membership, without giving any reason. This does not apply to subsequent renewals. To exercise the right to cancel, You must inform The Cool Card – Hilton Hall, Hilton Lane, Essington WV11 2BQ, tel. 0345 095 0008, of Your decision to cancel this Agreement by a clear statement (e.g. a phone call to the Customer Service Team, a letter sent by post or email). Cancellation does not need to be in writing. In any event You must be able to show clear evidence of when the cancellation was made. To meet the cancellation deadline, you must notify The Cool Card of Your cancellation before the cancellation period has expired. Upon cancellation, you will receive a confirmation email; it is recommended that this is kept for your own personal records.

    Effects of cancellation
    If You cancel this Agreement as above, you will be entitled to a refund of your membership, less a pro-rata charge for the period of cover. Subject to any other statutory rights you may have, we do not provide refunds for any cancellations after the expiry of the 14-day cooling off period.
    1. The Cool Card may cancel this Agreement with immediate effect on written notice if You (or if applicable, any Associated Member);-
      1. default in payment of any Membership Fee;
      2. are declared bankrupt;
      3. breach any of Your other obligations under this Agreement.
        No reimbursement of any part of any Membership Fee will be paid in that event.
    2. The Cool Card also reserves the general right at any time by 14 days advance notice to You to cancel this Agreement. In that event, The Cool Card will reimburse You with a proportionate part of the current Membership Fee.

  9. Privacy and Data Processing
    1. For the purposes of this clause 9, the following definitions will apply;-
      GDPR - The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR), and any laws which implement or amend it;
      Personal Data - data that relates to an identifiable person who can be directly or indirectly identified from that data
      Privacy Policy - The Cool Card’s privacy policy from time to time, and subject to future amendments and updates by The Cool Card – the terms of which can be accessed online at; Protected Data - Personal Data received from or on behalf of You, whether in connection with You or any Associated Member or otherwise, in connection with the performance of The Cool Card's obligations under this Agreement.
    2. The Cool Card recognises the importance of Your privacy. It undertakes to keep Your Protected Data confidential and to comply with the GDPR. The Cool Card will not disclose your details to any third parties without Your permission, whether for marketing purposes or otherwise, except;-
      1. if it is required by law to do so;
      2. with its suppliers in relation to administering specific Promotions which You have taken up or enquired about; or
      3. in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
    3. The Cool Card may obtain personal and financial information including information about Your membership and about Your usage of Promotions from its suppliers and You authorise such suppliers to release such information to The Cool Card, provided that such information shall be regulated by the other provisions of this section.
    4. The Cool Card may use Your membership and personal details to administer Your membership and payment of Membership Fees, provide suitable services and information to You, verify Your identity, monitor Your usage of Promotions, carry out marketing analysis and make general improvements to its services, obtain Your views or comments and provide statistical analysis. The Cool Card may continue to use this information after the end of Your period of membership for historical and statistical purposes.
    5. The Cool Card may transfer Your Protected Data to a third party as part of a sale of some or all of its business and assets to any third party or as part of any business restructuring or reorganisation, but in that event will take steps with the aim of ensuring that Your privacy rights continue to be protected.
    6. The Cool Card may from time to time contact You directly as to products or services which may be of interest to You. You may object in writing if You do not wish to receive such material from The Cool Card.
    7. You must ensure all instructions given by You to The Cool Card in respect of Protected Data are all times in accordance with GDPR.
    8. This agreement constitutes Your acceptance of the terms of the Privacy Policy. The Cool Card will comply with the terms of the Privacy Policy in respect of the Protected Data.
    9. This clause 9 will continue in force after the termination of this agreement for any reason.

  10. Miscellaneous
    1. Neither party shall be liable for any delay in performing or failing to perform any of its obligations under this Agreement due to any event beyond the reasonable control of that party.
    2. The Cool Card retains ownership of copyright and all other intellectual property rights to its website and all material produced or used in relation to this Agreement.
    3. This Agreement is the entire statement of the agreement between the parties relating to the subject matter of the Agreement.
    4. This Agreement will be construed in accordance with and governed by the law of England and Wales.